How online car insurance is better than traditional agent-based method?

3 strong facts why to recommend online car insurance?

Life is unexpected, who knows, what is going to happen in a jiffy. With respect to the uncertainty of life, people plan – how to make their life secure? Thanks to insurance companies that have been spread throughout the world to escort us in difficult circumstances of life. But before going to any online car insurance provider, you must be very cautious because fraud and fake commitments are still there.

Insurance companies are like a safety net which everyone must own as a backup or substitute to regain their physical, and financial loss. Let’s take an example of an Auto insurance, while commuting a long distance to work for long hours; who can take a guarantee that person will safely reach particularly at a place like the US where accidents happen after each second? Anybody can’t, so why not to opt for an online car insurance?

Yes, online insurance is more convenient than buying insurance policy via an agent. According to the survey did in 2011, by J.D. Power and other Associates, the new auto insurance owners had applied for a rate quote online. It has happened for the first time among a majority of respondents. However, the current dispute over auto insurance has been focused more on whether to buy online car insurance or through an agent? While some wander what is the difference between both regarding price and feasibility?

This article is an ultimate guide and one fit solution for all commuters, and drivers who are seeking for guidance on both methods of buying auto insurance policy, so let’s get started

How online car insurance is better than the traditional agent-based approach?


  1.    Difference in price

The very first strong reason to prefer online auto insurance via traditional agents based method is both ends up with a difference in price. If a person depends on insurer agent or calls help center for assistance, they probably ask for a commission in return of guiding policyholders.

Whereas, buying the insurance policy online is much easier and faster approach to get in contact with the company. Though one has to do a wide research on how to get reliable, yet cheaper online car insurance policies, once they found, life becomes easier.

There is a company like Insurance; it offers a completely online business model. Their customers find it a different experience than traditional agent base auto insurance buying.


  1.    Utilizing technology – a Smart move!

In past years, buying an auto insurance was a big slow process. The current era thus has provided us a gateway to see worldwide via technology- the internet. Utilizing technology is inevitably a smart move to get infinite information on fingertips. It enables us to shop around multiple insurance policies, their terms, and conditions, charges, with the help of just a couple of clicks.

Shopping for online car insurance is a doorway to get enlightened about the history of the company, customer satisfaction, background, complaint history and much more.

3 – A great time saver and user-friendly interface

 Time is money, and getting a policy online can help you save both time and money. Instead of calling around to all the insurance companies in the area, online car insurance helps you writing down information on multiple policies. In this way, a policyholder can enlighten about multiple insurance companies within a couple of hours.

On the other hand, buying an online car insurance policy through an agent is a hassle, as it requires tons of book-keeping while, using buying an online insurance, you can take advantage of a nice user-friendly interface. What’s more?  Online policy purchasing is invariably helpful when it comes to making changes to your policy or file a claim.   

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