Are We All Trapped Inside a Video Game?

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Plethora of controversies is being popped about video games and its robust power to generate billions or even trillion of dollars as the revenue stream. But Video game syndrome is not just limited to that! As per some conspiracy theory, Matrix (3D digital movie) was the resemblance of our lives as we are just a living bits or digits inside a huge supercomputer network.  

NASA Is Behind The Game

Alarming issue is that one of the NASA scientists started his research to solve that so called conspiracy theory, either our world is real or just the outcome of an entity which is controlling our present by keep sitting future; however, this notion is just a type of personal psychic theory to gain more attention, as some sensible person can think.  Besides, it is also on aired that some tycoons are already involved in different activities about aid selected philanthropy causes. However, this theory of tiny entities inside the big computer seems far from reality because nothing is proved so far!


Looks Like A Marketing Tactics

If the video game industry is studied so, it is unveiled that it is multi-billionaire industry and because of huge profits making opportunities, several big players and business tycoons are involved in that game-changing gaming business. And it is obvious that without marketing, ensuring profits is almost impossible for commercial business. Hence, that ridiculous Hollywood-backed notion or a type of hilarious conspiracy theory is like a marketing tactics to grab more attention or gaining more clicks on the web pages and these all thing leads to money-making cycles, sounds technical but it could happen!

But, here is the twist, it is already experienced that lots of movie concepts
already become the research question for scientists and these ideas can turn into reality
but how and when? Let's see what is going to happen next in the domain of invention
and innovation.

What do you think?

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