China’s Financial Muscle is Strategic Strength,Counters India’s $2 Billion With $24 Billion For Bangladesh

Chinese government in Bangladesh, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s specially came to Bangladesh, Chinese top official

Modi’s another nightmare that is about huge investing by the Chinese government in Bangladesh. According to different sources and news, China inked an accord that is about a lending loan of $24 billion for Bangladesh in the domain of infrastructure and energy sectors, in more simple term this investment is for railways, ports and power generation units.

Alarming aspect for India and Fiesta factor for Pakistan because the majority of Bangladeshi and Pakistani populations are Muslims and have close ties because of religions in contrast of controversial act by the ruler party. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s specially came to Bangladesh to the signing ceremony and this the obvious omen of highly serious attitudes towards investment in Bangladesh by the Chinese government.

Redundancy factor is that Chinese top official visit is the resemblance of the same pattern that China followed for Pakistan and it is another ground reality, Bangladesh it former part of undivided Pakistan.

However, China is not the standalone player in Bangladesh, India, and Japan is already inside in port and power sector but it should be noted that Japanese investment is subject to Indian help and in short way it can be stated that Indian influence was considerable before the buzzword and enormous Chinese lending, but now Chins entered in the game to outcast the Indian sheer influence inside Bangladesh.

On the local side, it will be the big puzzle for current Bangladeshi government to keep remain balance with India and China because India has already conflict on Tibet border with China while Pakistan has close ties with Chinese.

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