CIA To Run 2nd US Presidential Debate

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Involvement of Pentagon in ongoing presidential campaigns is not the new notion, these types of influences are common not only in developing nations but also developed countries who keep proclaiming about fair conduct and justice.

However, that issues is further intensified when someone who is considered as a CIA pet is going to host the US Presidential Debate.  The amusing aspect is that in spite of open but close relations with American Jews and Indian investors Trump seems very frustrating if media logs are checked.

Trump blatantly told that Anderson Cooper involvement in US Presidential Debate  occasion is biased because that person is biased! The question is that if Anderson is biased for Trump so what about the whole CIA, is it also inauthentic for Trump? According to Washington post, Trump argued that Anderson can’t be fair and he is not the appropriate person for that. In another spot, Trump also told, “….Not OK with Anderson Cooper Because I Think He Treats Me Very Unfairly at CNN”.

While other presidential candidates were not so much arguable as Trump seemed in the connection of Anderson presence as host in the debate. Should it take a sign that CIA doesn’t like trump or in a more simplified way, there is no any room for Jews in CIA, if it is so, were the campaigns to separate American state as standalone authorities were the depiction of sheer crevice among Jews and non-jews inside the American soil? If it is true, is America is going to wipe out form global map like USSR.

What do you think?

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