Does gaming industry define NASDAQ trends

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Investing in video game stocks was being considered as a viable option for profit seekers, but now this industry surpassed those stocks that were considered as NASDAQ trendsetters. The Hot aspect of investing in gaming stock is that last year its total revenue crossed 23 billion US dollars and it was five percent more than the preceding year. Sources said, the overwhelming surge in profit was because of shifting video games from offline moods to online versions.

Games now became the Part of NASDAQ

Video games vendors are now more focused on direct interactions with clients so that they could get info to update their products with cutting-edge features. Now, game industry innovated its shape and are covering not only traditional gaming but also focusing more on live gaming, esports and virtual reality features to fetch more and more profits. If that trend continues so, it is being expected that gaming industry would be in key trend setter in US stock market including NASDAQ.

Oculus Rift in Gaming

Besides, Facebook is not lagging behind in this industry and ready to overlap gaming leaders such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift is the neo, innovative and thrilling news for game junkies. While, as per estimate Virtual reality domain is expected to generate more than 10 billion US dollars in coming years. Besides, eSports is the rather new innovative business but already generated 300 million and projected to surge more in US dollar terms.

Ready to Shake Trends

Because of skyrocketed surge in the gaming industry, global consumer retailers such as Pizza hut and American express, etc. are also jumped in to gain the branding and sponsorship advantages in eSports products.

Therefore, in the upcoming year, gaming industry seem to grow with upward trends, but it should be noted that there is the debacle after pinnacle.  So, instead of doing blindly, one need to make the decision with open eyes and open mind despite the fact that gaming industry became the robust player in NASDAQ.

Please note, above discussion is just for the informative purpose, we don’t suggest, encourage or tell about investing in US stock markets.

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