Europe on the Verge of Civil War

Civil War, War, gloomy

It seems ridiculous for some people because European region is considered as a land of opportunities and because of its developed economy and better lifestyle, Europe is still an apple of eye for those who are in the quest to find financial prosperity.

Series of controversies has been happened, already and further are expect to arrive soon. But after the blatant attacks on civilians and overwhelming incoming of immigrants, European prosperity seems on the verge because of religious and racial discrimination is one of the hot issues including Disputes on Burqini vs. Binkies, banned on hijab and rent-free accommodations for refugees, etc. that became too sensitive issues for Europeans.

Some of the European officials are also portraying very gloomy portrayal about the region in the perspective of above issues, and their gloominess is acting as a catalyst to surge the intensity further. Therefore, it seems obvious; there are mentally preparing for civil war or indulge in promoting havocs. ¬†According to some official, “The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy, and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions.”

Social unrest became the buzzword issue in media and Europeans seems very reluctant about the ongoing situations. So, if that gloomy picture will persist, it means that people have to face social unrest that may lead to civil war to gain equal rights for native and expats. But, there is the dire need to investigate the real cause than to follow media buzz only.

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