Is Trump Victory in Turmoil

Trump victory, Trump

Besides, the chance of Trump victory in the upcoming election seems too hazy, but if it happens, it will be the horrible historical log in the entire American presidential history. Some of the American artists also told that it becomes almost impossible to write or express something serious or write soberly about current presidential campaign and election.  

This election will be just a type of clown show, and obviously, it is worst. But, here is the dire need to do detailed scrutiny on allegations than to just take them as fanfare saga.

Ongoing Election campaign is now become an entangled puzzle just because of Trump inhuman conducts, and that is horrible for American society that keeps chanting the slogans of basic human rights and decent social values, etc.

Because of allegations, Trump chances to win went bleak, but if any adverse thing happened, it would be a horrible aberration. In addition, Trump black log is the obvious depiction of uncivilized practices by the person who has an ill desire to be the American president.

His Exaggeration on Triviality is the disaster for any civilized society not just for America, but if some strange thing happens in term of Trump victory so it will be the new start of bleak American future for the whole nation. However, lots of events are going to happen with series of chaos, need to unfold.

What do you think?

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