Pokemon Go Is Tracking Your Children

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Customer privacy, user protection, emails’ opt-in or opt-out rules is going to obsolete, when the clever tactics of ‘Pokemon Go’ analyzed in term of fetching real-time user data by keep dodging the regulatory authorities.

After the official launch of ‘Pokemon Go,’ gamers seems psycho to play and find the stuff that game ask for him by keep updating their geographical locations. It seems that ‘Pokémon Go’ plan to outcast the Google map. Although, this game is free to play but its price is too costly in term of privacy or personal info.

On the other side, fetched info about users are the gold coins for marketing professionals who keep digging personal like, dislikes and other personal data to develop and devise advertising campaigns. While on the defense side, it could be dangerous to upload such type of info without any regulatory restrictions.

The issue is that almost everyone is in a hurry to enjoy free lunch and no one bother to invest some time to read ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘privacy policy’ where user consent gets in a very shrewd way. And it is the real catch for the game vendors but a threat for users. Therefore, there is the dire need to develop realistic policies after thorough and keen analysis so that user protection could be assured without any compromise.

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