Product liability & Corporate Responsibility: Tesla asked to stop using ‘Autopilot’ term

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Tesla autos are asked to stop “Autopilot” term by the German officials as it is misleading words that may cause several serious issues. However, in the perspective of US, this issue falls under the category of ‘product liability,’ if American legal dictionary used to fetch explanation.

Tesla is one of the leading auto manufacturing company that is actively involved in incorporating cutting-edge technology into its products. As per some sources, Tesla is now going to collaborate with Panasonic to develop solar cells and its related items in the USA. Panasonic is already experienced in that domain, and this new collaboration opened new opportunities for both.

German argument on Tesla cars

But, German argument on Tesla cars is very contentious beside, it may lead to forging issues because Tesla was using term ‘Autopilot’ in its Tesla cars in Germany while respective officials expressed that, “It can be confirmed that a letter to Tesla exists with the request to no longer use the misleading term Autopilot for the driver assistance system of the car”. It should be not that Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) is very active in the areas of product liability/recalls and read safety issues.

KBA also argued and suggested to Tesla, and there is the need to prevent from wrong understanding and users wrong expectations, and it is ordered that false leading ‘Autopilot’ jargon will not be used further in marketing for its Tesla cars. However, it seems developing an issue that may cause several concerns. But official Tesla news is still not aired in that regards.

Product Liability

It is obvious that there is the era of technology and information is blasting that can easily be accessible on few clicks basis, so Tesla motors should be very cautious and diligent with its product and allied marketing tactics. Because false presentation adversely effects on user confidence subject to shaking is growth, as well as the goodwill and regaining, is the too long process.

It is another scenario, when Tesla is being criticized and scrutinized because of its ‘autopilot’ issue because later there was a fatal accident reported when ‘TeslaModel  S’ was in that mode; however, the investigation revealed that the driver of that Tesla car was increasing speed, also.

need to adhere to product liability regulations

Whatsoever, the cause and effects, one aspect is apparent that goodwill is developed in years by keep doing painstaking works, but it may shake not gradually but at once because of such type of issues. Therefore, there is the dire need to adhere to product liability regulations and corporate fairness than to just develop and device technological innovations without rigorous scrutiny.

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