Putin Threatens to Reveal Bombshell 9/11 Evidence?

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If the real truth about American twin towers collapsed is unveiled by the Russian president as per some media gurus unfolded so will it be the shame for US or support by Putin? It is the dilemma that is closely entangled with that Russian-backed conspiracy.

It has already been logged that lethal attacks on American Twin Towers were preplanned and there was deadly explosive inside that melted down two gigantic structure like a flux from burning candle. But, here a question popups, is it the real Russian threat for the US? Or Putin just playing any type of gaining time or attention tactics. However, in spite of that threat, people and victims are still in a dilemma, where they should go for remedies because US authorities portray entirely different pictures while independent persons or experts log differently so is US official still using media to hide their bleak crime or Putting is using that collapse as blame game tactics?  

If Russia wins this battle of the blame game, one aspect is evident that there will be the uncontrollable mass protest around the globe against those who planned and executed that fatal accident. Some sources also said that it was Jews’ plan to undermine their foe with shame, punish and disgrace to gain more firm control over global resources. Hence, if Putin provides proofs about US govt involvement in that attacks so it will be the end of American democracy and American enchanting about equal right for all citizens and American soil for those who has the desire to flourish their future.

What do you think?

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