Russia, U.S. on the brink of Nuclear War – Will Obama admin end US to protect ISIS in Syria?

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Russian involvement in Syria against the US is the cause of US and Russia tension. Besides, Russia has a soaring past with Americans because of cold war catastrophes in term of USSR dissolving that could be the cause of fatal clashes between US and Russia.

Besides, US doesn’t seem to stop its intervention in Syria as its diplomatic and non-diplomatic trends depict. The US wanted to implement it ceasefire formula, but Russia doesn’t seem to follow that. While Russians are tuned up their advanced weapon to protect their military basis in Syria,  already and are ready to shoot down American War-crafts. Besides, media also logged that series of hacking evidence are tracked on US election systems in 20 different American states and investigator unfold, traces of these attacks goes to a Russian firm called, “King Servers.” Hence, if such situation persists, the notion of peaceful future may collapse.

According to some news, rising diplomatic tensions between two countries is another alarming aspect that not only can unrest the whole region but also the global peace. Kerry’s warning to Russian authorities to stop their activities in Syria and his clear threat that the US will stop cooperation if Russian forces do not stop are the bad omens for global peace. It is also a question if both powers involved in the war so will it be the start of the third world war (nuclear)? If so, it simply means that we are approaching to abysmal.

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