Showdown on Desktop: an OS saga

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Rivalries among OS (operating system) is dated back phenomenon since the innovation of different OS but that intensity is further boomed when different vendors jumped on that bandwagon. By the passage of time, chrome, windows, and others kept introducing different user-friendly features to expand their clientele.

Hence, it is the big dilemma for desktop users, which OS will work better for them. Despite, Microsoft and Mac achieved several milestones during their OS development journey, but Linux and Chrome OS both gained typical user attention and it is obviously the big threat for both Microsoft and Mac. Another surprising factor is that Google seems very enthusiastic to make its operating system more flexible and ready for general users than to just focus on typical ones like Linux.

Changes in OSs

Despite, Chrome and Mac did several changes with the add-on of serial updates but still Windows seems in dominant position because of its easy upgradable options, easy to use features and global accessibility at economical prices. Windows is also very friendly with different hardware and workable with range of accessories. However, its rapid system updates are very confusing and create difficulties for those who face low-disk volume. While Mac operating system is user-friendly and compatible with iPhones and iPads. Surprisingly, Mac computers can handle Windows operating system without any big glitches.

Expensive Vs. non-Expensive

However, it is also the fact that Mac OS is comparatively very expensive than Windows OS and it is the key reason of its low selling volume.  It should be noted that former Mac OS were compatible with all Apple computers but later on buying Apple machine loaded with licensed Mac OS is the only option for a user. While Chrome OS is in developing phase and it is lightweight and very inexpensive but its limited storage capacity keeps haunting its users. Besides, its not easily compatible with all accessories and this OS is much dependable on its developed tools. A unique aspect of that Chrome OS is, it is web based and keep interacting with the internet. Hence, this OS is ideal for those who live their lives on the web. But obviously, it is the bad aspect for offline users.

The pros and cons debate for different OS could go further but to be precise, it is obvious that Window OS seems in dominant position because of its user-friendly and easy to access features.

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