The Criminal Media That Thinks They Can Control Our Lives

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Dirty lust to gain mass attention by keep knocking out rivals can easily be analyzed in different online and offline media. The game to attain monopolistic level is not differ from the game of throne. Especially, when global war history is gauged in the perspective of media role, so it seems evident that both warlords and media use each other just to gain material benefits.

Importance Of Media Role

It is evident that several military top guns agree with the importance of media role in the war, developing as well as promoting hypes. In recent lethal encounters around the globe, the role of media seems informative but with the blend of controversies, especially if the role of western media is discussed in the perspective of ongoing clashes and the role of western and US army in that regards. US Army gurus already exposed because of their inhuman and full biased attitudes especially when their real behaviors with war prisoners on the web exposed; before such exposing, Western media was in insomnia on that topics.

It is famous saying, “Public opinion is everything. With it nothing can fail, without it, nothing can succeed.” So media is for that purpose.

Power To Control Media

In short, if someone has the power to control media so one can easily from an opinion in favor or against, and this phenomenon can easily be watched in western media. Despite, they keep chanting the slogans of unbiased reporting and fair analysis; the role of BBC, CNN and specially Fox news can be taken as evidence.

“We must remember that in time of war what is said on the enemy’s side of the front is always propaganda, and what is said on our side of the front is truth and righteousness, the cause of humanity and a crusade for peace.” — Walter Lippmann

Opinion Formalizing Tool

Above statement is evident that how media is being used as opinion formalizing tool by respective authorities. But, it should be heed that it is just one aspect of media, there are also other facets such as it is the media that is playing the very disgusting role in propagating copycat crime.

There are lots of studies and analysis that affirm that media coverage about criminal incidents and their detailed analysis are the harbinger of subsequent crimes and lethal activities, etc. therefore, there should be no any doubt to state that biased role of media can influence the daily life and has potential to develop or alter the public opinion based on real or fake truth both.

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