The real secret of 911 attack which is all planned.

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Lots of conspiracy theories are already told about the deadly incident on twin towers, and that horrible event will remain the part of American history, but it is buried by media like Enron Sandal, Tedd Bundy Serial killing and double dip recession, etc. now, American seems more concern about Cyrus concerts and what is going to happen in NFL playgrounds than to show serious attitude on national conspiracy theories or issues.

Series of evidence and logs are already published on both online and offline media about that blatant attack but who seems serious or even curious to solve that puzzle with honesty. One can easily see the big stories that are about celebrity pictures, Trump vulgarity and Galaxy Note 7 disaster. Who are more concerns on national issues including the selected one is still the big question?

However, it is reported that some strange thing happened during that period or before attack such as huge investment is done in term of “put option” for United and American airlines, remember that hijacked plane was belong to these airlines. So was that investment was done to compensate their loss or as the prize for their contribution to that lethal plan? No, any official seems ready to answer that. Though American Securities and Exchange Commission tried to investigate the issue attempt seems like an X-file factor.

When plane hijacked so “North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)” was ready to shoot down that planes before the attack on twin towers. But some source disclosed that NORAD asked to “stand down” because of incapability to counter that attack, but this question persists, NORAD was literally incapable or told to be incapable to counter the attacks.

Another conspiracy is that targeted twin towers were not directly collapsed by aero planes, these planes were later hit the towers, before there were blast inside the buildings and that blast was the obvious depiction, some explosive things were already installed inside; that aspect also endorsed by experienced professionals, according to them the planes were commercial jet that carries nothing but passenger, crew, and luggage, etc. and such type of aero planes are not loaded with explosive fuels that have the power to melt the metallic stuff of this huge structure in such a short span of time.

Besides, some witness also reported that they heard explosive sounds inside the building when they were trying to escape during the collapse.  However, whatever the issue, aspects and conspiracy about that, one aspect is obvious human lives are valuable and those lost will not comeback.

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