Trump is losing? After the allegation of sexual assault

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US presidential campaign is now becoming the eye sour for Trump, after the blatant blame game against him. Some of the Trump supporters may argue that it is planned by his rivals and there is no any reason to digging out the past but question is that, is it the right excuse to hide a crime, if this reason is true so were all judicial investigations and trails that were done to solve the Tedd Bundy  puzzle wrong? Is there any ethical and legal reason? If there, please share here.

However, one aspect is obvious that because of this outrageous issue, Hillary Clinton went behind but this stealth mode is also in Hillary’s favor because media top guns now seems too much interested in unveiling and discussing Trump issue. There should be no any hassle to restate that, Actions produce reactions; and what Trump did in his campaign previously was the un-doubtful depiction of disrespect and insane attitudes towards his own American citizens, just on the basis of racism and religious differences. Hence, if Trump did positively, the current scenario wouldn’t so much worst as it is now for him.

Here is more Twist, according to online media, two more ladies came into limelight with the same sexual assault allegations on Trump. Now, Trump is getting, what he paid for. He is being criticized around the globe such as an Australian politician labeled him as “revolting slug” while others are disgracing him as “beyond Satire”. Besides, some of the well-known media person already backlashed that Trump victory will provoke an Exodus from the American soil. While it also logged that Trump is the type of shocking absurd joke that is unthinkable but unluckily it is true satire in American presidential election history.

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