You will shock to see the history of bitcoins cryptocurrency planned market

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Bitcoin started its journey from November 2008, and since its innovation, this cryptocurrency crossed several milestones. Founder or creator of bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto who first wrote a detailed research paper about that. In that paper, he unveiled different aspects of bitcoin and discussed that there should be a unique currency with electronic transaction features. He turned his concept into reality in January 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto logged his own name as a first bitcoin miner. And the first bitcoin that was mined was pronounced as “The Genesis Block”.

While the first bitcoin transaction was about to trade Papa John’s pizzas at a price of 10,000 bitcoins; that transaction was done on bitcointalk forum. But there is the loophole in that currency, and because of that loophole, 184 billion bitcoins are already created but later that bug was corrected. This fixing was inevitable because to regain the user trust on this newborn innovation.

Shocking Truth

As it is ibvious that this curreny is unregulated and no any planned market like a registered stock markets; besides, BTC is also very demanding in blackmarket and lost of enterprenure are using that to convert black money into while money.

Besides, some sources are also unveiled that China is using huge investment in Bitcoin to finance its nuclear research.

Besides, journey of bitcoin is too long and entangled here for preciseness, October 29, 2013, was the period when first bitcoin ATM was innovated by two BTC companies that were known as “Robocoin and Bitcoiniacs”; this ATM was located in Canada in Vancouver. BTC was firstly transacted by the Nicosia University (Cyprus-based institution) during Nov 2013, at that time university official entitled bitcoin as “gold of tomorrow.”

America also jumped into that bitcoin bandwagon, and several famous casinos in Las Vegas started to use BTC as a mode of transactions. After that, American famous Stock platform NASDAQ started to use BTC in the stock market during the period of June 2015. But it is not the end of Bitcoin bumpy journey; it is still in developing phase, and now lots of entities are involved in BTC world to get proper understanding and benefits from this strange crypto currency.

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