Zuckerberg Secret reveals: is using physiological tactics to boost business

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It seems hilarious that Facebook mastermind, Zuckerberg has been using physiologists since long to make its monopolistic brand more appealing and attracting. As per some sources, he is using those tactics to gain maximum exposure because physiology is about to study and analyze the different function of the different living organism.

Therefore, in more understandable manner, Zuckerberg uses information technology to promote its online business that is globally known as “Facebook” while his platform is being used by live human beings and these human beings has all senses while physiology provides vivid understandings about different human functions including touching, sensing and feeling so if a normal human being sees colors, so he perceives them accordingly, it means that they use different colors for different purposes for example, brilliant yellow or red for danger and pink for love, etc. and here is the catch, what would be in the mind of Zuckerberg about using colors as a tool to gain user attraction to enjoy targeted success.

According to the source, “We need to remember that humans evolve extremely slowly and people working today have the same psychological needs that their grandparents had.  When spaces are designed to support human’s psychological needs (for things such as control of their experience, privacy when desired, tools to do their jobs well), stress levels fall and human relationships flourish.”

But, this news is still in a dilemma and may provoke series of the question but one aspect is obvious that Zuckerberg upper portion is not empty and his fluffy stuff works strangely. In more planned manner, if he is using physiologist or Physiological tactics to gain the success that he is already so why he is keeping that factor as secret?

In real, this factor is no more secret, at all. Using psychiatric and other professional services now become norm, several multinationals are already using that approach. So, in fact, it is not the secret now.

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