Bill Gates Witnessed His Business Failure But Didn’t Stop

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Microsoft and Bill Gates are two names but one identity. Now, Bill Gates lives in a house that is known as “Xanadu 2.0″, a fully empowered with cutting-edge technology that enables this place to auto adjust its temperature, lighting, and other things, etc. But you will shock that it is not the first and only business that Bill Gates started and managed. Gates had to face several challenges, losses as well as grieves from his long journey to success.

Gates also expressed, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. You’ve got to want to be in this incredible feedback loop where you get the world-class people to tell you what you’re doing wrong.”

In short, Bill Gates was a failed business person and nonsense Harvard student.

Gates academic background is horrible, and he is the college dropout from the renowned institution Harvard. But what one see him and his gigantic Microsoft now, is not a type of finished product from day one.

Gates first business was the total failure that is known as “Traf-o-Data.” Gates started his business with his partner Allen. Basically, this company was a machine that was developed for processing the paper tapes that were used in traffic counters. But this product failed, and the company that is founded for that purpose was also collapsed.

It should also be noted that the product name was “Traf-O-Data 8008”; Gates tried to attract some prospective clients in a local county to sell out this product, but the demo didn’t bring desired results because of device failing. Allen also shared his thoughts about that failed experiment; Traf-O-Data was not an awesome success, but it was the catalyst to go further to found Microsoft and its first product.

But Gates Didn’t Stop And Continued His Quest In Finding Success.

From his school life, Gates and Paul were too much enthusiastic about computers and their allied technologies. At that time Gates and his friend decided to buy a computer from General Electric Company. At that time, the computer was based on “DEC PDP-10” micro-architecture.Gates also added that in my school life when our admin installed a machine, so my friend and I used to spend our most of time to do the different experiment on that. But school admin didn’t appreciate that enthusiasm. However, luckily a new student enrolled whose father was the employee of Computer Center Corporation (CCC); Gates keenly took advantage of that opportunity and actively identified the loopholes inside CCC machines.

But here Gates and his Paul did some bad things, and that bad guys broke the defense system that became the cause of several failures; besides, they also altered the data that reside inside CCC system. However, their bad habits are identified, and CCC kicked out both of them.

However, it is was the Gates’ luck, CCC started to suffer significant losses because of system failures, and as a last chance or choice, CCC called Gates to fix that bugs. And Gates agreed to that on the basis of the deal that was about to using CCC systems without any time restrictions. At that moment CCC had to allow both guys to do that because CCC had no any further choice left.

However, later on during the 70s, CCC went bankrupt resulting Gets, and his friend had to lose that opportunity. But these clever guys didn’t stop here and dig out another opportunity in University of Washington’s computer center. After one year an organization “Information Sciences” offered Gates and Allen to join the company as the software developer but here again, both guys made a clever deal that was about to access computer systems without any restrictions plus profit share on each and every earnings that would come from their developed software. Please note, the software was about payroll-sheets.

Success was with his celebrations because the graphs of sales and profits were following upward trends because of his creative and outstanding software development abilities and skills. Here, he also performed different roles as marketer, software developer, and client services executive. Gates that diverse functionality was the catalyst for his financial growth and because of his willingness to find solutions for puzzles enabled him to enjoy $20,000 profits in his teenage era when others are indulging in other activities.

On the other side, Gates’ parents were much confused about Gates life’s patterns and his too much enthusiasm towards computers and computer sciences. And because of their concerns, Gates had to face a ban from using computers, and he had to face that computer exile for almost one year. That period was a nightmare for Gates but to remain energetic, he started to read biographies of those successful personalities who achieved achievements. Gates’ parents lifted than ban when they saw an offer of $30,000 to develop a software package. And it was the golden moment for Gates, as well.

During 1973, he got admission in Harvard at Mathematics dept, but it was the failed attempt because his mind was linked with computer sciences that utterly rejected to be an academician like his father. Gates’ dream to earn fame and success in corporate world also provoked him and his burning desire while his discussion with Allen who was also engaged with him to discuss the prospects of establishing own business acted as multiplier effects.

However, one day Gates got a job offer from a Boston-based company to use its Altair 8800 computer. Gates did the outstanding job here by developing unique software, and his product and performance were highly appreciated by the managers. The amazing aspect of this Gates turn is that he courageously offered the vendor of Altair 8800 computer to learn basics ideas from this Altair 8800 PC that he himself used.

After that Gates founded another company that is known as Microsoft know. Gates’ painstaking struggle and robust enthusiasm towards his goal are obvious proofs that he is a visionary business entrepreneur who solved entangled puzzles during his progressive journey.

Here, would be very nice to know that Gates had to experience the bumpy ride to chase and grab the success, even though he did blunders.

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