Facebook Manipulating Your Emotions?

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Although, Facebook is free to use and it is one of the basic reason of its skyrocketing popularity. But, you could be perplexed that Facebook is playing with your emotions to develop and devise more targeted business strategies subject to generate more profit.

Facebook already hailed with different blames such as Zuckerberg has its secret department where physiologist is working with different but selected human actions and attitudes, etc. but in spite of protesting and blaming Facebook doesn’t seem to stop its secret and controversial activities. Zuckerberg has long but questionable history since from its academics such as he has already been penalized by his college because of some activities that he did without taking their consents.

It is also disclosed that Facebook secretly used posted information of the users on their pages and did some experiment on that. Facebook used the notion of “emotional contagion” to study and analyze that which emotion generates when a particular posts go virtual.

It is also unveiled by some keen and conscious researcher that users’ data and feeds are filtered including videos, pictures and URLs, etc. that were on their timelines, groups or pages then these data was used as a variables to run the test. According one of the test, particular exposure is reduced in term of “positive emotional content” that leaded to less positive posts. While another test depicts about “negative emotional content” headed to generate opposite outcomes.

Researcher also proved that emotions that are generated by others has potential to change the moods and way of reaction and to perceive our behaviors about knowledge. Hence, above experiment is the combination of “emotional Contagion” but the gloomy side of that picture is, that experiment became the cause of shame for Facebook. People from different walks of life are protesting that it is sheer violence of privacy or personal rights and such type of activities are spooky as well as scandalous.

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