Free Business Management Tools that one should try

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Doing business without doing business management is like a bird without wings.
However, one should not worry about that because online boom became ease the job and now
there are series of free Business Management Tools that can easily be adopted without any big

Bitrix24 is the one-stop solution for the business operational needs. It is basically the online CRM (customer relationship management) application that can easily establish the connection with management and workers. In more explanatory term, Bitrix24 is the robust online project management tool that is the smart combination of CRM, deadline management, task management, and task management, etc.

Besides, Bitrix24 also provides other useful options such as liking, user profile management, instant chatting/messaging and content sharing, etc. while File uploading is the default feature of this outclass application.

Bitrix24 is also available on the freemium and premium basis, but free users can also use its series of features without paying any penny. However, paid users to have obvious advantages to getting additional storage and some special feature. Besides, its virtual calling feature is awesome.

Its outstanding modules that cover the range of features such as calendars, tasks, wiki, conversations, and galleries are user-friendly. While its company service options are the bundle of reporting, absence chart, visual structure, and workforce directory, etc.

Bitrix24 can easily provide online collaboration with communication features for external and internal business activities.  Plus the point is that Bitrix24 is completely cloud-based application with the support of mobile apps; hence, one can easily handle its tasks and responsibilities while he is on the go.

Storing, discussing, sharing and searching the data can easily be done by this application. While one can easily do external communication without any extra hassle by keep using its extranet and CRM features without any unnecessary navigation.


It is another free to use application with customizable options. Zoho is easy to use and affordable CRM software. Surprisingly, it is cloud-based and loaded with the plethora of user-friendly applications such as invoicing system, messaging options, web conferencing and management apps. It is one of the free business management tools that is the ideal solution for small business but not suitable for growing business because of its limitations to not handle entangled processes.  

However, the free version can cover lots of operational requirements such as the multiuser facility that allow up to 10 users. Its 360 view feature can manage and display all necessary information that has a very crucial role in business and its related decision. Zoho also provides third party integrations such as it can easily be integrated with Google apps including Google tasks and calendar, etc.

Zoho allows its users to track their sales, performance with the reporting facilities. Admin can easily assign tasks, access control, and restrictions. However, for more than ten users, one has to purchase its plan.

But, one has to do series of changes and collaborative activities to make this application more useful as per need basis. Besides, Zoho doesn’t pay much attention to customer support or had better say prompt client response.

Another good point of this CRM is, it is power up with social and mobile CRM features means that it’s social CRM is ready to integrate with popular social media platforms and that feature enables a user to establish the connection, get updates and maintaining interaction, right from the Zoho dashboard. But the catch that makes this CRM as a practical choice is its responsive platform that offers a one-window type operation for sales, emails, reporting, marketing and lots of other useful features for startups and midsize businesses.  

Zoho is also available on Android and iOS devices in the form of the app; so one can easily manage his business without any hassle to sit in front of PC or laptops, etc. Zoho also provides offline mode, in the case of issues in internet connections.


It is another user-friendly CRM that is also packed with all necessary features that a small and mid-size medium business needs. However, its accounting feature is awesomely amazing and very easy to use. Its accounting section can cover your work orders, invoicing and quotes need with sales and billing functioning, etc. because of its flexible accounting features, this CRM is the reasonable choice for sales agencies.

Its well-developed inventory system is the great source of timely deliveries. Besides, it is compatible with several business processing.

This CRM can provide access to data so that effective online collaboration among group member could be done smoothly and promptly. Because of this interaction, finalizing better decision becomes easier.

But, please born in mind that finding the robust accounting and finance application that could act as a panacea for all types of businesses’ needs is almost impossible because some applications and software provide outstanding options for certain accounting functions but may show some type of sluggish performance with other features. So, it is your core responsibility to actively analyze your business needs and then go to find an appropriate accounting and finance software, as per your requirements.

However, office books free and paid versions both have its own flexibilities and if you want just to check its function and their functioning so it will be more suitable for you to use its free version than go to paid-one directly.


This software is considered as a game changer application in the CRM world for startups and medium-size businesses. It is the smart combination of CRM and online project management tools that a small and midsize business requires. Users logged that WORKetc’s project management is like the MS project, but it is more simple to use than MS Project.

This free business management tool allows its users to ensure close interactions and smooth transactions for different projects such as internal websites, etc. Besides, its project management tool is a type of all in one pack solutions. WORKetc makes it possible to manage official docs on the centralized basis so that any necessary info could be accessible anytime on just a few tapping basis.  

Its dashboard is very easy to understand and operate. One can easily organize its tasks with its user-friendly features. It allows a unique approach to using its calendar option to keep all workforce in the collaborative mode so that any necessary information could easily be delivered and shared without any delay and wasting time on traditional brick and mortar meetings.

While it timesheet feature is highly useful to work on different cases, scenarios, projects and other time-bound activities. This feature enables you to have an eye on team performance, project status, and its allied costs, etc. so that predefined targets could be achieved without any hassles and delays.

Despite, above describe features seem basic and general, but this CRM application allows to use that one with ease, without any jargoned pattern.

However, WORKetc need to upgrade its application because its speed is too slow and current dynamic business world require on the spot decisions and timely delivery of assigned tasks; hence, WORKetc’s slow speed may be the cause of big concerns for its users. However, the good news is that WORKetc is being notified as a responsive application and is in developing phase so it could be hoped that in upcoming days, this CRM will able to rectify its glitches and drawbacks.  

However, this innovative novice alike application is very active to establish online collaborations with social media. Besides, it’s recently added a customer portal that provides the useful option for your clients to track their activities and this feature is a big time saver for you and your business.

Which is best

The answer is already discussed above; it is your business needs that will guide you in the selection process of the suitable CRM for your operational goals and corporate requirements. Please note, above all CRM also provide free versions so you can easily check, which option is suitable for you.

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