Insurance Companies in Indiana

Insurance Companies in Indiana and their services are comparatively cheaper than other states because the ratio of tornados or natural disasters, etc. is not as much higher than other places of USA, if compared with Alaska or Arizona, etc.

However, it doesn’t mean that there is no any need of insurance while one has his personal property here. One should be happy to read that Insurance Companies in Indiana are offering cheaper rates if price comparisons are done with overall State averages. But, it is an obvious factor, different Insurance Companies in Indiana offer different rates to gain competitive advantages over their rivals. Therefore, it becomes more necessary for a policy seeker to do the comparative analysis to find glitches and loopholes so that he could be prevented from any scam.


Liberty Mutual UAN: 1-800-948-9214

This insurance company is one of the Insurance Companies in Indiana that claims to have top performance records. However, one has to checkout its services to get real information and to scrutinize its claim, as well.

Dispiriting aspect is revealed when one discovers sheer differences in quotes. It is experienced that its online quotes much differ from the quotes that are fetched via its online domain. Another surprising fact is that this company is mostly relying on virtual or online services than to live session with agents. Besides, its call center services seem stuck in its Phoenix office, only.

Hence, despite its size this company services are not so much unique because its price quoting procedures seems too scary. Hence, one should investigate before going to purchase any policy from liberty mutual.


Indiana Farm Bureau UAN: 1-800-723-3276

Due to its local presence, this company is not in the limelight by the rating giants. While, it is also unveiled that its online portal is not as much responsive and comprehensive as others have. Despite, its financial performance, one has to face delays to get corporate information from its resources. However, because of its lazy responses and dangling premium prices, etc. This company can’t be categorized in the top list of Insurance Companies in Indiana.


Indiana Farmers Mutual : 800.477.1660

It’s Indiana-based insurance company that has been in local business since 1877. This firm offers customized packages as per the specific needs of its clients. This organization usually targets mobile homes, single-family homes, and condos, etc. and offers versatile coverage or policies, etc. to cater different catastrophic events such as identity theft, floods, and storms, etc. One can easily ask bundle packages if he wants to purchase both car and house insurance policies, etc. because this organization offers policy breaks facilities in that regards.

However, as this is the local entity so this company has not many resources as other big industry giants have. Its online portal is not as much resourceful as it should be. One has to face barriers to getting desired information from there rather this unique company seems to give more emphasis on live interactions by keep nurturing its two hundred agents force.  However, one need to get as much information as possible to avoid any discrepancy.

American Family UAN: 1 630-717-0300

Despite its scoring that outcasts other industry giants, its overall score is too lower than its rivals. Here, it should be noted that American Family operates in other cities, as well. But despite its big business portfolio, its lower satisfaction score creates the big dilemma for its clients or prospective clients.

But, its website could be considered as too responsive as it is loaded with the bundle of information about the company and its allied product and policies, etc. However, the side factor of its online portal is that one has to contact its agents to get quotes and other information.

Therefore, if anyone is seeking information about Insurance Companies in Indiana, there is the need to be as active and critical as much possible so that any issue that may occur because of scary policies and procedures, etc. could be vanished.


“Disclaimer: Please note, above discussion is just for information purposes. We don’t encourage and give any investment option, suggestion, opinion, etc. in that regard.”

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