Scandal: Robbing Graves in Columbia

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Robbing Graves by the medical student was dated back scandal and that time it was pronounced as “resurrectionists” and the ‘grave robbers’ is the synonym of today’s world. In late, 17th century students of Columbia College who used to do that bad practice to fetch up cadavers for their medical studies. However, their usual target was African-American graves.

The practice of digging up the grave was too often that some freed slaves had to consult with city council to stop that ill practices.

Despite council acted nothing but after some days, the trend of digging up auto-changed and now Columbian College students started to dig up the white grave, as well.

Later on April 1788, a young boy spotted a disjointed human limb of white person that was showing via a hospital window. But a shameful act was done at this moment by a medical student that was identified as “John Hicks” who waved the corpse hand and shouted to a boy who was standing on the road, it is your mother; Hick also yelled that your mother’s body was snatched by me.

It is the bad luck of that student because the boy who spotted the window was in grief because of the sudden death of his mother. The boy ran back to his family and told about the corpse; the whole family visited cemetery and shocked that the coffin was empty. Boy’s father back to the hospital with the crowd that later changed into the mob. Because of sensitivity, the whole hospital was raided.

According to the source, that attack unfolded series of horrible truths such as there were the plethora of corpses inside the hospital but in dissected status. The mob was so angry that they started to showcase the fragmented body parts through the doors and windows to justify their action and to bring truth into the limelight.

The whole city was revolted by the angry mob that was not in control. As per the source, people witnessed that doctors and medical students were horribly tortured on Columbia streets.  However, racism again worked here, and legal authorities persuaded the angry people to stop violent acts and arrested victims under the charge of doing unethical activities with buried corpses; however, it is discovered later, such arresting was just to protect white people.

However, when those tactics unveiled, mob attached on the jail and hailed with bricks and stones. But, jailed authorities went wild instead to conclude that situation, reasonably and ordered soldiers to fire; twenty people were reported to shot dead due to that crash.

Above, historical scandal evident that racial discrimination and ethical activities were the part of America since decades and that trend persists today if we watch different stories related to white and African-Americans.

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