Top five list of American Insurance companies with a twist

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American General Life Insurance Company (AGLA)

In the top five list of American Insurance companies, American General Life Insurance Company should be counted as one of them.  As per some sources, this insurance company could be considered as a one-stop shop for series of insurance needs. Its underwriting services and professional expertise are considerable, and it also told that its customer service is responsive and much polite; however, responsive customer services are just their needs because of intense rivalries.

This company may cover those areas that are usually not considered of other industry players such as diabetic life insurance, etc. and for those who are seeking versatile health insurance policies, inside America. However, some of their products’ terms are questionable, and one should be very attentive than to ink insurance accords, carelessly. Besides, it’s terminally ill policies are noticeable such as if someone suffered from such type of ill factors, they will be entitled to have partial benefits from his purchased policy. Besides, some of its controversial policies such as fixed premium for the age of 121, are too hazy to understand for a layperson but to catch the fish, American General Life Insurance Company offers lowest rates for its Life insurance products.


American National Insurance Company (ANICO)

This American Insurance company could be set in runner-up position because of its performance and client services, as some sources depict. This company is a vintage type because it still focuses on traditional policies and procedures regarding life insurance policies and its allied coverage, etc. most of the probable insurance policy subscribers feel attraction because ANICO doesn’t impose any medical exam restrictions. Besides, it also seems active in its client services department, but it is not something special, almost all major insurance player inside the America follow the same practice, as usual.

The underwriting policies and procedures of American National Insurance Company (ANICO) could be categorized as catchy, and its products are so many, and one can watch, as per their needs but like all other insurance companies, one needs to be very vigilant than to be a victim of unjustified hidden TOS (Term of services), etc.

Allstate Insurance Company

This insurance company could be placed in the third row of the top five list of American Insurance companies because some of its reviews put that Insurance Company in the limelight. One can easily get its products information from its website as well as contact with its call service representatives for details. But to prevent from idle services, false commitments, and agents’ politics, etc. there is the dire need to have clear understating of policy and procedures; remember, that understanding or knowledge is inevitable to prevent from losses and false services.

Because of its philanthropist’s activities, Allstate Insurance Company’s services are becoming the most discussing topic. But, one should be very realistic because ongoing CSR (corporate social responsibility) based activities are now becoming controversial and some critics revealed that companies do that CSR activity to catch attention and to increase its client base.


Prudential (Pruco)

Because of its old but experienced insurance services, this insurance provider could be categorized in the top five list of American Insurance companies. This company secures its dominant position because of its authoritative style, but because of fierce competition, the challenges are being increased by leaps and bonds for Prudential (Pruco).

It also claims about lowest prices in the area with the customized solution; its underwriting services are being considered as ‘out of the herd’ type. Another, catchy aspect of this insurance service provider is, it seems very attentive in its health insurance domain by keep offering and maintaining series of health insurance services. Prudential (Pruco) also cover “Non-U.S. Resident Life Insurance” and it is the aspect that provokes those niche that usually unaddressed by other life insurance companies. Pruco is also active to have participation in underwriting services, but it is not so much particular aspect because other companies are also offering their services.

Despite its long list of insurance services and customer service attitude, finalizing investment decision without heed to its hidden aspects would not be the wise decision.



SBLI markets itself as “No Nonsense Life Insurance Company” but who will decide that is it nonsense or not for a layman because it is the mediocre income group who has to bear the financial burden or loses just because of unfair, vague and nonsense policies and procedures. Usually, insurance companies play actively in developing and devising jargons inside its policy conditions and term & services sections, etc. but SBLI denies these type of loopholes in their services and proclaims that it’s innovated as well as accelerated underwriting terms in life insurance are one of its types.

Besides, SBLI also claims that its client should not bother about paramedical examiner visits because SBLI is active enough to take and verify information from different sources such as from fair credit reporting act and Prescription databases, etc.

However, above all claims seems self-centric, one should be robust enough to avoid oneself from the insurance traps.


A Twist for American Insurance self-posed Top guns

Truckers Insurance HQ

This insurance company is typical one because it’s only for heavy Trucks or trailers, etc.  Instead of “following the Herd” notion, this logistic insurance provider set its pace by keep focusing on one niche than to spread its dimensions on the haphazard way as above described American Insurance companies are doing just to finding more and more bucks from the general public and others.

Truckers Insurance HQ is an Australian based Insurance provider that is in the Insurance industry for a long period and has a versatile portfolio that is also backed by professional experiences as well as expertise. Although, it is also claimed that Truckers Insurance HQ is one its own kind and very active and keen in providing logistic and earthmoving based insurance services; it also urges about its expanding clientele, but as a wise option or steps, vigilant actions and decision are also inevitable here because these all are commercial business subject to maximize the profit; hence, they could be crazy, if they find difficulties in their profit targets. So, beware of any fraud that could be happened with you by any insurance company.


“Disclaimer: Please note, above discussion is just for information purposes. We don’t encourage and give any investment option, suggestion, opinion, etc. in that regard.”

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